What is LuaX? LuaX is a fully customizable windowing interface, written in lua. It was designed to be the mainframe behind LuaOS².
What can it do? LuaX is designed to be easy, yet flexible. It is easy to create not only GUI programs, but will also feature a console, for the programs that do not require a GUI. Upon release, you can expect dozens of programs to be released, simply because of the simplicity of LuaX.
How do I make programs for it? I will be creating full documentation of LuaX soon, so that others can learn how to use LuaX.
But wait...without LuaX how can I test my program? Unlike most of my other programs, LuaX will be an open beta, meaning that anyone is free to download it while it is still in development.





Here it is. Well, in its current form.

Public Beta Download

LuaX alpha build 004 (April 28 2007)